”It all depends on the mood and the story of the girl. Generelly though, I am a big fan of catchy melodies and songs with a little story inside. I love music that you can pick up anytime you want to process or even prolong a certain feeling. Fast-acting musical pills that makes the living experience even stronger. Sometimes soothing, sometimes more passionate and sometimes just fun and crazy.”
Once Upon A Girl

Once Upon A Girl is Sarah Nilsson – lead vocals, glockenspiel, lyrics and music.The melodies are composed in the head, through simple pianoplaying supplied with chords to be transmitted to the bandmembers of the project in a live arranging situation.

Once Upon A Girl started out in the end of 2007 as a live project inpsired by the music from the mixtapes of the car rides of the childhood. The early recordings received such a warm welcome on the internet that it was decided that they after a remix would be part of the first official album in their simple original form. On Ubetoo, the site for unsigned artists, Once Upon A Girl was the best paid artist during the spring 2009. In 2010 Once Upon A Girl was invited to France for two concerts at the Chapiteau Théaâtre Festival in Chambéry, something that attracted attention from French radio as well as television.

”Just like they do in France” is produced by Sarah Nilsson in collaboration with Mathias Näslund (The Sweet Serenades). The album is mastered by Pelle Henricsson at Tonteknik Recordings, attached to numerous projects from Anna Hamilton to In Flames. The photographer is Severus Tenenbaum, appreciated for the pictures of Amanda Jenssens first album as well as Sophie Zelmanies latest (I’m the rain, 2010).

“The voice is electrifyng, the style refreshing. Once Upon A Girl is a represantative of its own time, a unique and modern sound.”
TV8 Mont Blanc, France

“This is what I would call “pop”; you know, the kind of music you whistle under your shower, the kind of music which makes your head move from left to right and puts a smile on your face right away.”
Absolute Noise

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