The Girl


Photo: Lisa Lindkvist

It all depends on the mood and the story of the girl.

I have been writing songs in all kind of genres, and in the end it comes down to what I want to tell and how I want to convey it. Generally though, I am a big fan of catchy melodies and songs with a little story inside.

I love music that you can pick up anytime you want to process or even prolong a certain feeling. Simple straightforward songs that go straight to your heart. When I succeed creating a song like that, I am as happy as I can ever be.

So, basically, I would love to make really useful songs, that my listeners can pick up anytime they need them. Like a fast-acting musical pill that makes the living experience even stronger. Sometimes soothing, sometimes more passionate, sometimes calming and sometimes just fun and crazy. But, in the end its all in your ears.

I now hand over the experience to you!

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