Raincheck on Copenhagen

Photo: Lisa Lindkvist

This Girl had a concussion.

Oh, I so much wish I had a true rock’n roll story to tell you, when I finally had my first concussion. But sad to say it was a simple accident. I mean – isn’t that the least you can demand from faith – that it gives you a good story to entertain the world with?

No, not this time. Three stiches above my right eye-brow have though given me the best cover up story there is. Hockey! All swedes play hockey! So now you know.

Anyway. No Copenhagen next wednesday. But surely another day. Cause playing live is what I love the most.

But now its time for my other favourite thing. Travelling in my head. Fantasizing, philosophizing, making up new worlds in my head and maybe even transfer them into new little songs.. Soon I’ll be good as new! Even better!

For now – peace out, guys!

Love Sarah

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